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Today, I started on a lifestyle change.

I refuse to call this thing a "diet," because it's really not. I'm changing how and what I eat, as well as how active I am, and what I think of myself. I'm doing this thing because, to be frank, I'm sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, yanno?

So. Day 1.

Weighed myself in at 210 pounds. I really wasn't surprised I'd broken the 200 pound barrier; as I said, not feeling good, right?

With the beginning stage of this lifestyle change, I have to eat these "meals" I get from Medifast. Five of them a day, and a "Lean and Green" meal as well for the 5&1 plan. Now, before people start flailing at me, these aren't something I'll always and forever have to eat. It's just to get me through the fat-burning stage, and I'll be able to be entirely on normal food when I hit maintenance. As for the fat-burning, the meals are developed so that I get around 72 grams of protein a day, so while I'm burning off fat, I don't lose lean muscle, which is what happens when someone starts to yo-yo.

Anyway. Because these meals are a little odd and could taste weird, I think I'll go ahead and rate them here. It'll definitely remind me what I like, at least.

Meal 1: Eggs, scrambled.
Not particularly thrilled with them. They're bland and the consistency is bizarre (I have issues with texture sometimes, and this is weird enough to set my teeth on edge). And since I really can't add a bunch of salt to get them to taste right, I'm not sure I'll be ordering these again. Blegh.

Meal 2: Cherry Pomegranate Shake
I actually really liked this one. Reminds me a bit of a virgin daiquiri mix, only not so tart that I can't drink it. And blended with ice, it was quite tasty. Definitely going to get this again.

Meal 3: Chocolate Mint Crunch Bar
One thing I'm happy about; the "chocolate" meals on this program have so little actual cocoa powder in them that I can actually eat them. Which is all of the yay. And this particular bar tastes like the peppermint patty cookies you get from the Girl Scouts. Which I adored. This is on my list to reorder, totally. It's candy in a healthy form!

Meal 4: Cinnamon Pretzel Sticks
I was hesitant about this one, because I don't generally like pretzels. They're too salty and dry for me. These pretzel sticks, on the other hand, are relatively fluffy and flavored with cinnamon and a small touch of sugar, and they are incredibly tasty. This will be something I reorder, most definitely.

Lean & Green: Lean Hamburger with Salad
All I can say is: **omnom**

Meal 5: Ready-to-drink French Vanilla Shake
Hrm... about the same as those SlimFast shakes you can get. Not horrible, but I think I like the Dutch Chocolate ones better. The flavor lasts a little longer.

I'm also drinking ALL OF THE WATER EVAR, as I'm quite thirsty for some reason. Shockingly, though, the bloat from my girly time (yes, I'm starting this during girly-time, I'm so weird) is going down rapidly. My capris fit properly, yay!

If people want me to, I'll go ahead and make a weightloss filter for my journal. Please, let me know what you think, and if I should put this all under a cut.

Let's hope this works, eh?

ETA: And before I forget, starting measurements.
Measurements Starting
Right Bicep 14.75 in
Left Bicep 15.25 in
Right Thigh 26.75 in
Left Thigh 26.75 in
Waist 44 in
Bust 43.5 in
Underbust 39.5 in
Neck 15.5 in
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