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I can really tell I'm hitting my 27th year of life. My body's falling to pieces.

Two things have precipitated this opinion. For the last week, my shoulder has been aching to the point I can't move it very well anymore. Moving paperwork at work actually makes me cringe. This past weekend, I actually asked my mom to give me a Cortisone shot (steroid injection designed to reduce inflammation when injected in joints, for those who aren't aware of what Cortisone is), which took care of a lot of it. And now I'm on glucosamine for my joints. Great.

The second thing that's just driving me crazy are my teeth. I have horrible teeth, I always have. I inherited my mother's soft enamel, and since I haven't had consistent dental coverage for years, I also haven't been able to get regular maintenance on my teeth. Which means it's not surprising I had two molars crack on me.

The entire right side of my face hurts off and on right now, thanks to the damage. I'm probably in for a lot of root canals, if they don't just yank them and put in implants. If I can afford them. While my husband and I are doing a lot better financially since he got a job as a caregiver, it's still going to take a long time to pay for this.

And the pain's getting worse. So, guess who gets to call the dental college in the morning to set up an appointment? =_= Joy and rapture.

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