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I don't talk a lot about what goes on in my life. I guess I don't really think that the little bits of my everyday existence are worthy of documentation, I guess.

I'm still on my diet, and I've lost 40 pounds. I'm actually back to the weight I was when I met the hubby, which is rather nice. :3 I fit back into twelves, which feels like quite an accomplishment! I still have another 30-40 pounds to go, but I'm feeling quite a bit better since starting it.

Things... haven't been going that well fiscally, unfortunately. I'm still working the long-term temp job, and the hubby actually got a job as a caregiver this month, but we're still fighting to stay afloat. So... I'm going back to school. Taking an online course for medical coding and billing, which should pay a helluva lot more than my current positions. And if I'm going to be doing oodles of paperwork like I do now, it'd be nice to get paid the going rate.

So.... that's what's going on in the World of the Squirrel right now. Don't know if I should update more often, but given I did the first module of my course this evening, it felt like a good time to do it.


Sep. 5th, 2010 08:24 pm
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Okay, so I've been sort of incommunicado for awhile. This is probably a bad thing, but a lot's been going on.

I've been at my new job for... ten months now. It's been a bit of a rollercoaster, and because of it I actually got some treatment for depression that I'd sort of... ignored... for way too long. Ignoring your mental state is bad, boys and girls. Don't do it.

Anyway, things on the job front are good. I can't talk a lot about it, thanks to HIPAA, but rest assured it's going well. I even got a bit of a raise this last paycheck, yay!

I now have two cats, Simon and Sierra. Sierra's a two-year-old tubgutt whom I love, and Simon's a mini black panther kitty - half Siamese, half black kitty. So cute, and such a little asshole. I'll have to post pics sometime.

Aaron and I are seriously contemplating having kids soon. It comes up a lot in conversation, we just... have to finish with some bills. >.< Damn money problems. However, Aaron is getting his woodworking business off the ground, so hopefully business will be booming soon.

I'm trying to work on my novel again. I'll probably try and write a scene again here tonight. Whee! But as it is, I'm out. Peace, all.


Feb. 2nd, 2010 10:09 am
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For the last 24 hours, I have owned a home.

It feels really weird, being an adult and not only being married, but owning the place where I live. (Well, technically. Yay mortgages!) I don't feel like an adult; I feel like I should be worrying about getting to class, or hanging out with my friends, or taking a really irresponsible trip to somewhere cool and awesome for a weekend. Instead, I'm here at my desk, designing materials for a hospital while intermittently typing this post during brain breaks.

The town where I live is small, all things considered. It's maybe the size of where I went to high school, which originally scared me. Let's face it, I don't really have that great of a track record with small towns. :/ But the people here are incredibly friendly, concerned about my well being, and relatively tolerant of my desires to bring change to the office. ^^;;; That's what I get for having plans regarding making this place more efficient, I guess. My boss is amazing, though, and of everything I'm dealing with right now, work is the least of my worries for the first time since I joined the workforce.

We're looking for a church home right now. The one thing that really gets to me in a small town where I don't know many people is a lack of interaction with other people my age. Let's face it, I'm young -- 24 in less than a fortnight -- and just starting out in this place. With a median age of 40, there's not many young adults in the area for Aaron and I to socialize with, unfortunately. :/

Kids have been on my mind a lot, too. I know it was one of the smartest things I ever did, to wait to have children until I'd been married for longer than a few months, but it's kind of hard to keep waiting. We have credit cards to pay off, though, and some savings to build up before we even start trying. And I don't even know if I can have kids or not. :( Given my history, I really have no idea if I can even get pregnant.

But that's a depressing thought. I'll probably see if I can't post some pictures online later, of the house and how we're decorating it now that we own it. It's really amazing, actually owning my home. Now come the trials and tribulations of keeping it in repair, right? XD It may be 95 years old, but it's a good house.

I should probably get back to work on the lipid poster I'm designing. Whee, informational postings! :D I really do love this job.


Dec. 15th, 2009 04:15 pm
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So. I promised an update, and here it is. Right at the end of the year. Whee!

  • Last month, I started a new position at a county hospital. My official title is “Media Outreach Assistant,” and I do everything from printing brochures to writing testimonials to taking photographs to creating ads for newspapers. Pretty much everything I’ve done before now in a job, I now do here. Which is pretty awesome, when you think of how many skill sets I’ve had rusting in my head since January.

  • My husband and I are now in the process (literally, we’re bringing over a load of stuff each trip) of moving to the town where my work is. We got the keys to a nice little two-bedroom bungalow last week, and with my commuting, it’s cheaper to simply take stuff each trip than hire a U-haul. Yay for moving in increments!

  • The deal with our previous apartment has finally been dealt with. Granted, it involved settling, but at least I no longer have to say the words “The Pointe” without thinking of evil apartment companies. Big yay!

  • Ummmmm… I’m still married, with a wonderful husband and a slightly crazy cat, and will soon be out of my in-law’s house. Not that I don't love them, but the hubby and I are ready to be out of the house and on our own. Double yay!

I think that’s everything. Feel free to prod me if I’ve forgotten anything.

What’s up in the World of Everyone Else?
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In non-TMI news, I've had an interview at a county hospital here in Iowa... and they want me to come back for a second interview! This time, it'll be one-on-one with the woman who'll be supervising me if I get the job!!!

So! Excited! EEEEEEEE!


Jul. 20th, 2009 01:42 pm
ladyamber: (Default), it's been a long time since I updated. Guess I should get to work on doing that, huh?

I've been applying to a lot of out-of-state jobs recently. I've had a bite on one; I was given an interview for a position in Minnesota, and am currently waiting for the results from that. I'm also sending out resumes to places in Kansas, California, some other Minnesota companies, and Ohio. I'll probably send resumes to some other states as well.

Iowa's economy is just really sucking, if I'm honest. I've applied for positions here, but there aren't many positions to choose from in the full-time and publishing-journalism-media categories. So I guess this means moving far away... which the folks aren't too keen on, but they understand why the hubby and I are looking into it.

We're in the process of fighting The Pointe and that debacle as well. The collection agency claims it's a valid debt, though they don't have all the information and are completely ignoring Iowa law. We'll see what happens with that, but I hope it finishes soon.

As for an update on Sierra the TerrorCat, she's doing wonderfully. She's been fixed, and we also finally got rid of the worms she had, so she's bulked up to a health 10-12 pounds or so, and has grown a couple inches in length. She's also rowdy as hell; the in-laws have nicknamed "Rumbledy-Thumps the WereCat" when she runs around upstairs, and it's a fairly accurate nickname. She's probably going to be ticked at me this evening, since I've been gone all weekend.

So what's going on in all of your lives? I wanna know!
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It's my first full day being unemployed, and I'm already really sick of it. My husband and I have had to wrestle with our apartment complex (They want almost four months' worth of rent in notice and fees! WE CANNOT AFFORD THIS.), we've been calling Iowa Legal Aid and I've tried to get enrolled with the Iowa Workforce, we're still completely unsure of when we're moving, and good luck trying to get a job where we currently live. GAH, so annoying!

Since the hubby and I can't do anything about anything until Monday, when we tell the apartment complex they're welcome to try and get blood out of a turnip, but turnips still don't bleed, we're currently at his parents' place. I've decided that having no hobbies and focusing entirely on work is not particularly healthy for my sanity, and thus may pick up crocheting sometime soon. Still looking for work, anywhere is preferable at this point.

Though I must say, it was very strange not worrying about the shift I was originally supposed to cover for the night. :D
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Today, the United States and most of the world watched in wonder as the first African-American was sworn into the highest elected office in this nation. It was riveting, and exciting, and no one will forget where they were when it happened.

I know I won't. I was waiting to find out if I still had a job.

This afternoon, at 2pm, ClearChannel radio terminated my position at the local AM radio station, along with three other workers. My position was the most expendable on the AM side; while I did do board operator work, my main role was as a reporter, which ClearChannel no longer needed as they are weeding out local news coverage. I was given my last three weeks' worth of pay, and a nice severance package for the next couple pay cycles.

Tomorrow, while millions of people wait to see how Obama's first full day in office goes, I will be speaking with my apartment complex, packing boxes, and trying desperately to find employment in an economy already drained to the dregs. My husband and I will be moving in with my mother-in-law, and trying to get our feet back underneath us.

I'm actually rather excited about the prospect. My previous job was the only thing holding my husband and I in the area, and now that it's gone, I see several doors opening. But that doesn't mean anything in the next couple months is going to be easy.
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Last night [ profile] menkure and I went to see Eagle Eye, because Menk wanted to see it and I wanted to do things like not be alone in the apartment. (It's been a rough couple days, long story.)

...I must say, I haven't enjoyed a movie like that in ages.

Spoilers! If you haven't seen the movie, it would be wise not to click this. Once again... SPOILERS. )

For those who don't want spoiled; go see the movie. It's awesome, has enough suspense for all, twists and turns abound, and even with its flaws, one of the best two hours I've spent in a theater in recent memory.
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Random note of the day:

Whilst unpacking boxes, I may have flailed and broken my right pointer finger. I'm not sure yet, but man, it's looking pretty puffy. o.O
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**temporary re-poof**

I'm now about 99% moved into the new place in CR. Took almost 24 hours of my fiancé and my parents helping me with cars and lifting, but it's mostly done! Now I just need to do several things to get the house in shape.

-unpack books
-unpack clothes
-unpack random stuff
-buy step stool and other things from Target
-unwrap gifts
-write thank-you notes
-sign up for Mediacom
-call and transfer utilities to my name
-find calendar so I know when I work
-rearrange furniture so it works in new apartment
-turn in cable box and modem to IC Mediacom
-pay Mediacom bill
-look at insurance policies
-buy groceries
-invite people to new house to visit!

Big list, and rather random. I'll update it as I get internet access; right now, I'm posting from work. :D
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I generally don't get a chance to sleep in very often. Thanks to my last semester's "must be up by 7:30 or I'm screwed" schedule, my body isn't quite used to this "Oh, I can wake up at nine and still be okay" malarkey I've got going on now that I no longer have to take classes evar again.

But still. I was looking forward to waking up at 8:30, only to be woken up at seven by **WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM** outside my window. Apparently, the maintenance man thinks none of us sleep in. EVAR.

And he's still going at it. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO PUT UP AN AWNING, YOU MORON?!?!
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I'm amazed at how quickly my family can plan things like weddings. It's been a little over two weeks since I got engaged, and I've already got a place, a date, a reception place, and a pastor. Holy crap.

Okay. The wedding's going to be held in Corning, on August 9th of this year. Soon, I know, but it's the only summer we'll have when Aaron and I are both out of school for the next couple years. It'll be held in the Corning Presbyterian Church.... and yes, I realize I'm Methodist. I just don't like the Methodist church in Corning, for personal reasons that have nothing to do with the congregation. The reception's going to be held at the Corning Armory, which is non-air-conditioned but pretty nice.

And the guy who's marrying us is Pastor Dean McPhearson, the man who helped me tell my folks about everything going on with me as a teenager.

So. I'm getting married in a Presbyterian church, by a Methodist minister, to a Catholic.

....I find that incredibly amusing.


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